Juno Studio was designed with creativity and quality in mind by producer Sean Douglas, and consists of 2 separate rooms.

Room 1 is a large comfortable space with an abundance of natural light. It is an ideal environment for composing, writing and recording.

Room 2 is a smaller space that has been acoustically treated and sound proofed. The perfect space to mix, master, record vocals and track overdubs.

Juno is brimming with analogue synthesisers, guitars, basses, and amplifiers and it also houses a baby grand piano; all of which help make your creative process flow with ease, comfort and speed.


Production can mean many things in music, but essentially it is about helping the artist to realise and achieve their vision.

This can be as simple as having a fresh set of ears listen to your music and give an objective opinion.

Or it can be much more involved, like the full development of a song from a lyric or even from scratch.

The engineers at Juno are multi instrumentalists that know their equipment and have the experience to adapt to the needs of the song.


This delicate stage of the recording process is where you need someone you can trust to bring the your music to life.

Having over te n years working in the music industry with artists such as Adam Ant, Laura Mvula, WIRE, Sean can help you to realise your vision of a song, while ensuring a top quality end product.

Artist Development

If the recording and producing a record is seen as painting a picture, Mastering can be seen as framing that picture.

It’s a technical job that requires a subtle and musical ear.

The equipment used in mastering is crucial and here at Juno, we use a hybrid of hi end analogue and digital processors to achieve world-class results.

Sean Douglas

Sean is firstly a musician that in 2001, studied Audio Engineering in Derry Northern Ireland.

He moved to London in 2006 and has since worked out of many of its reputable studios and still frequently engineers Fish Factory, Rak and Rockfield Studios.

After many years in these studios, working and learning from the best, Sean felt the need to build his own studio that was not competing with, but complimenting the services offered in the “big studios”.

So in 2015 he built Juno with the idea of it being a production, composition, mixing, writing and recording space that can outsource to the larger studios when necessary.

Sean is a multi instrumentalist that specialises in composition, arranging and harmony.


Recording/ Mixing

  • Neve 1073 dpd x 2
  • Ssl Alpha pre x 4
  • 24 x 24 SSL Converters
  • Midas Venice 24f desk
  • Gssl bus compressor
  • Thermionic Culture Vulture
  • Orban 224 Stereo comp
  • Warm 76
  • Line 6 EchoPro
  • Lexicon PCM 90
  • Lots of vintage tape and delay units
  • Tannoy Little Gold Monitors (12 inch)
  • Yamaha NS10
  • TEAC 4 track

Synths/ Electronic Production

  • Korg Mono/poly
  • Juno 106 x 2
  • MPC 2500
  • Teisco/kawai 60F
  • Alpha Juno
  • Korg Poly 800
  • Korg Minilogue
  • Novation BassStation
  • Various controllers drum machines and rackmount syths

Instruments/ Amps

  • Baby grand Piano
  • Wurlitzer
  • 1971 precision bass
  • 1976 precision bass
  • fender telecaster
  • epiphone les paul
  • WEM Clubman
  • WEM Dominator
  • Ampeg SVT200
  • Marshall JCM800
  • Fender Champ
  • Various cabs


  • Coles 4038 x 2
  • Neumann TLM103
  • Sennheiser 421
  • BETA 57
  • Shure 57’s
  • SM7 x 1
  • Ball and Biscuit
  • AKG d112
  • Reslo Ribbon


Juno Starts at £250 per day for both rooms and an engineer.

£35 per song

For composition work, mixing, and producing, please get in touch so we can discuss specifics.


Email info@junostudio.co.uk

Juno Studios,
28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER

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